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  • Min-Jae Seo · Tae-o Kim · Hong-Hee Lee
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    ABSTRACT: The SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based on web services is one of mapping to communication profiles, specified in part4 of IEC 61400-25. The SOAP is a lightweight protocol for exchange of information in a distributed environment and Web services provide a standard means of interoperating between different software applications, running on a variety of platforms and/or frameworks. This paper presents web services to monitor and control the wind power plants by using SOAP according to IEC 61400-25 protocol.
    No preview · Article · Jan 2009
  • Jung-Hoon Lee · Min-Jae Seo · Gwan-Su Kim · Hong-Hee Lee
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    ABSTRACT: The user interface to achieve IEC 61400-25 communication for virtual wind power plant is developed. The information from wind power plant is obtained by MMS service. And also, the data communication between the local control center and the remote control center is achieved by Web service. MMS service is implemented with the aid of MMS Ease-lite and Visual C++. MMS server detects and saves the information of the wind generator such as element type, the temperature, the speed and the voltage needed for the virtual system. MMS client can receive the information for control and monitoring through MMS service. And MMS client can be a Web service server when the remote control center asks to send the data. The proposed user interface enables to access the data related with the wind power plant through the Ethernet at anyplace.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Nov 2008