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  • Yan Ai-min · Liu Yuan · Liu Zhi-cheng · Chen Zheng
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    ABSTRACT: Human Resource Management is experiencing the significant thought transformation from approaches "job-based" to "competency-based". Under the high and dynamic knowledge-based economy and people-oriented background, competency-based Human Resources Management thought urgently needs a brand-new carrier which can guarantee it to be carried out in the operation, in the ecology, the mature niche theory which has built a precise and quantitative analysis system may exactly play this role. On the basis of organizational niche, this paper defines the concept of the Human Resource Niche and studies the classification and level of Human Resources Niche, selects its evaluation indexes through literature research and expert judgement, produces its evaluation system by investigation, examines the index system by empirical study and selects the index system
    No preview · Conference Paper · Nov 2006