Shi Lixin

Dalian Nationalities University, Lü-ta-shih, Liaoning, China

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  • No preview · Article · Aug 2015 · The Open Electrical & Electronic Engineering Journal
  • Liu Zhongfu · Han Guiying · Shi Lixin
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    ABSTRACT: Leakage is one of the most common fault forms of mine low-voltage grid protection. With the continuous increase of automation degree of mine, the leakage protection system of mine low-voltage grid needs to be monitored and managed comprehensively; as a response to this demand, the selective leakage protection system of mine low-voltage grid is explored and studied in this paper from the perspective of practical application based on Internet of Things. In this paper, the design of leakage protection system of mine low-voltage grid is proposed based on the combination of ZigBee protocol the framework of Internet of Things, and the perception layer of Internet of Things is constructed by ZigBee technology to collect and transmit the related data. Meanwhile, the low-voltage leakage fault principle of the mine and the variation law of zero-sequence current and zero-sequence voltage mine are analyzed in this paper; on this basis, a selective leakage protection scheme based on the additional DC power detection and zero-sequence power direction is proposed, in which additional DC power principle is applied to the main feeder switch, the protection principle of zero-sequence power direction is applied to the branch feeder switch, and the branch leakage is interpreted by Fourier algorithm. Through experimental verification, the performance indicators of leakage protection system are consistent with standard requirements, with the small error, which can meet the requirements of the mine grid leakage protection. Internet of Things can realize ZigBee networking and transmit the leakage information of the grid the host computer through ZigBee network.
    No preview · Article · Jul 2015 · International Journal of Smart Home
  • Shi Lixin · Zhang Junxing · Pang Lingbin
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    ABSTRACT: Fundamental frequency estimation(FFE) has been studied for many years, and current techniques are still not accurate and robust. Because of the fundamental frequency losing, the harmonic losing and the inharmonicity of piano sound, these FFE methods are invalid generally. The mean square error of the harmonic frequency based on quadratic interpolation of FFT is discussed, and the influence of other harmonic sidelobe on the harmonic measurement with the different length Hanning, Hamming, Chebyshev and Blackmanharris windows is analyzed. A FFE algorithm using weighted least square method is derived. The simulation experiment shows that the method is feasible, and the relative error is about 10<sup>-5</sup>.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Jun 2009
  • Zhang Junxing · Shi Lixin · Wang Dusheng
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    ABSTRACT: The CANoe is adopted to finish the VRV-CAN network simulation system design so as to solve the problem of too many communication nodes, complex communication content within the system. The simulation procedure and means in CANoe are described with emphasis on the discussion of network architecture, communication protocol and network load ratio. The simulation results are presented. Through the system simulation, the communication protocol and design scheme are verified and the development speed is increasingly improved.
    No preview · Article · May 2009