Chi Yongning

China Electric Power Research Institute, Peping, Beijing, China

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  • Chi Yongning · Shi Wenhui · Zhao Hongbo · Chen Ziyu · Wang Yuefeng
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    ABSTRACT: This paper detailed analyzes the characteristics of DFIG, PMSG and SVC in the process of fault ride through, and points out the problems and risk of the present doubly-fed wind farm planning method, and proposes a new type of wind farm planning method that consider the fault ride through ability of whole wind farm. This method make use of different characteristics of the DFIG, PMSG that has realized two types of wind turbines works in harmony in the process of fault through, and points out the best proportion of two types of wind turbines. Simulation results show that the new type of wind farm planning method can effectively improve the overall fault ride through ability.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Jan 2013
  • Sheng Dakai · Dai Huizhu · Chen Mozi · Chi yongning
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    ABSTRACT: Summary form only given. There are a number of issues need to be studied regarding the wind farm integration. The comparatively long distance transmission of wind power must to be considered because the regions with abundant wind resources and other proper conditions suitable for large wind farms construction are in the periphery of the grid, far from the load center. In general the regional network integrated with wind farms are not very strong, some problems such as voltage, power system stabilities and power quality arise when large wind farms integrated into the grid. Therefore it is necessary to do thorough studies on wind power integration. This paper carries out a regional wind power integration study of an actual power system in Jilin province of north China, presents the mutual interaction between the power system and wind farms by simulation. It includes the contents below: the impact on local grid voltage level both with the different power output of the wind farms and during the cut-in and cut-out process; transient stability changes of the grid integrated with large wind power and impact on the neighboring grid; the wind farms operational performance during the contingency of power system. Finally, it describes the mechanism of the results and discusses some issues related to wind power integration
    No preview · Conference Paper · Feb 2005
  • Li Yan · Chi Yongning · Wang Zhen · Wei Linjun · Liu Chao
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    ABSTRACT: Wind power in China is experiencing rapid development in recent years, and problems come forth due to the grid connection of large-scale wind power. Based on the status of wind power development in China, necessity of wind farm low voltage ride through (LVRT) capability is studied in this paper. The strategy for LVRT realization of D-PMSG based wind turbine is presented by studying the control system of wind turbine, and the control processes during LVRT period is showed. A study case is given to show the impact on power grid when wind farm is with or without LVRT capability and also to show the validity of LVRT models and control system presented in the paper.
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