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  • J.L. Guan · J.C. Gu · M.T. Yang · C.L. Huang · H.H. Chang
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    ABSTRACT: This investigation develops an enhanced method for estimating the voltage flicker of the electric arc furnace (EAF). The method not only considers the reactive power variation but also the active power variation in calculating the estimated ΔV<sub>10</sub> value of EAF. This study also considers field measurements of ac and dc EAFs. The results reveal that the estimated ΔV<sub>10</sub> value is significantly smaller than the observed value. The conventional way of estimating ΔV<sub>10</sub> is ineffective. The survey results demonstrate that variations of active power and reactive power of EAFs are strongly alike. Meanwhile, an ΔV<sub>10</sub> estimate must account for the effect of active power variation. However, this study proposes a maximum complex apparent power fluctuation method (MCAPFM) that can yield a more accurate ΔV<sub>10</sub> estimation than the conventional method.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Jul 2005
  • J. L. Guan · J. C. Gu · M. T. Yang · H. H. Chang · C. L. Huang
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    ABSTRACT: This study investigates ac EAFs by making field measurements; with those results indicate that the estimated DeltaV10 value obtained using the conventional method is significantly lower than the surveyed value. This paper found the DeltaQmax value of the original design is too small to respond the actual variation of reactive power. Meanwhile, the difference of DeltaQmax between design value and actual value is quite big. However, this investigation suggests that the DeltaQmax estimate calculation must adopt a stricter standard. Therefore, we refer to the operation experience of manufacturers, namely that the biggest value of Costhetasr equals 1.0 for ac EAFs. Furthermore, surveyed results reveal that the revised method can yield more accurate DeltaV10 estimates than traditional method
    No preview · Article · Jan 2005