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    Jaejin Park · Eurho Joe · Myung-Jun Choe · Bang-Sup Song
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    ABSTRACT: Key requirements for digital frequency-modulation (FM) demodulators are wide spurious-free dynamic range in the intermediate-frequency quantizer, linear-phase passband filtering, and accurate frequency discrimination. The proposed FM demodulator implemented digitally achieves high linearity by numerical differentiation performed at a 112× oversampling rate, suppresses adjacent channels by placing zeros of the SINC function on them, and rejects amplitude-modulation (AM) components by numerical division. A 5-MHz FM demodulator integrated with a fourth-order bandpass delta-sigma front end exhibits 74.7 dB signal-to-noise ratio, -80.7 dB total harmonic distortion, and 61 dB AM rejection within a 9-kHz message bandwidth. The 0.65-μm CMOS chip occupies 3.5×3.5 mm<sup>2</sup> of active area and consumes 180 mW with 4-V supply when clocked at 20 MHz
    Preview · Article · Feb 1999 · IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits
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    ABSTRACT: A 5 MHz-IF digital FM demodulator integrated with a 4th-order bandpass delta-sigma front-end exhibits 74.7 dB SNR, -80.7 dB THD, and 61 dB AM rejection within a 9 kHz message bandwidth. The 0.65 μm CMOS chip occupies 3.5 mm×3.5 mm of active area and consumes 180 mW with 4 V supply and 20 MHz clock
    No preview · Conference Paper · Jun 1997