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  • Ching Shui Huang · Chi Chen Huang · Der Fang Chen
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Choledochal cysts in children and adults are believed to be different, but direct comparison between them is lacking in the literature. This study was aimed to identify the clinicopathological differences between 42 children and 59 adults with choledochal cyst treated by same surgeons at the Cathay General Hospital. The mean follow-up period was 8.9 years. The result showed that the female-to-male ratios were 1.5:1 in pediatric patients and 4.9:1 in adult patients. Compared with adults with choledochal cyst, the pediatric patients presented more abdominal mass (52.4% vs 21.2%, P = 0.002) and less abdominal pain (76.2% vs. 98.0%, P = 0.002), are more frequently associated with anomalous pancreaticobiliary ductal union (85.7% vs. 59.6%, P = 0.005) and sudden severe stenosis of terminal choledochus (76.2% vs. 42.3%, P = 0.001), are less commonly associated with choledocholithiasis, are not associated with malignant transformation (0% vs 21.2%), and have fewer perioperative and long-term complications. Nevertheless, patients who received total excision had fewer surgical complications in both groups. This result shows that choledochal cysts in pediatric and adult patients are different in clinicopathological manifestations, prognosis, and the underlying abnormalities of the pancreaticobiliary system, suggesting that patients with choledochal cyst should be managed according to these differences.
    Article · Jul 2010 · Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery