D.-Q. Deng

Nanjing University, Nan-ching, Jiangsu Sheng, China

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  • M. Zhang · W.-L. Yan · W.-X. Hu · D.-Q. Deng · Q.-M. Xie · H. Sang
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    ABSTRACT: A case of blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (BPDCN) is reported. Patient's clinical manifestations, laboratory tests, pathological characteristics, and treatment are also discussed along with literature review. A 62-year-old man presented first with asymptomatic multiple skin lesions and later with involvement of multisystem. Histopathologically, the tumor cells diffusely infiltrated the dermis. Immunohistochemical staining showed that the tumor cells were positive for CD43, CD4, CD123 and CD56. The diagnosis was BPDCN.
    No preview · Article · Sep 2013
  • Q T Kong · W Q Zhou · J Feng · H Sang · D Q Deng · Z Wang · J Li · Q L Shi · B Wu · W D Liu
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    ABSTRACT: A 62-year-old immunocompetent rural woman who represents an isolated cryptococcal skull infection without systematic involvement is described. Diagnosis was based on positive India ink staining, positive histopathologic examination, and positive culture. Species identification was performed by growth on Sabouraud dextrose agar and CHROMagar medium and by sequencing of the intergenic and internal transcribed spacer regions of the rRNA genes. This case describes a rare presentation of Cryptococcus neoformans infection in a human immunodeficiency virus-negative patient. The lesions were significantly improved with treatment of daily oral itraconazole 400 mg. A maintenance therapy with a low-dose itraconazole was prescribed to warrant a clinical and mycological eradication. A two-year follow-up did not show any recurrence of infection.
    No preview · Article · Dec 2012 · Mycopathologia
  • M H Zeng · Q T Kong · H Sang · D Q Deng · Q M Xie
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    ABSTRACT: Spitz nevi are benign melanocytic lesions with many histologic similarities to malignant melanoma. A case of agminated Spitz nevi on a 2-year-old boy's left cheek is reported and 41 other cases of agminated Spitz nevi are reviewed. In this case, two biopsies were performed on two different-appearing lesions and the results of both biopsies showed Spitz nevi.
    No preview · Article · Dec 2012 · Pediatric Dermatology
  • D.-Q. Deng · Y.-J. Zhu · J. Li · Y.-X. Zhang
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    ABSTRACT: In order to analyze the transportation resistance of filling slurry in long distance pipeline reasonably, based on the importance of rheological parameters for transmission and distribution pipe network design, influence degrees of rheological property caused by different factors were estimated in all directions. By using BP neural network theory, the influence function model of rheological parameters (slurry yield stress Y 1, viscous coefficient Y 2) caused by cement content X 1, slurry concentration X 2, slurry slump extent X 3 and slurry density X 4 in dry material was established, which is a 4-Hn-2 network structure, in which hidden layer and output layer was transferred by Tansig and purelin function respectively. Levenberg-Marquardt optimization algorithm, trainlm, was also used to train network. The results show that the model can effectively predict the filling of the yield stress of the slurry Y 1 and viscous coefficient Y 2, and the error is also controlled within the scope. So we can provide a theoretical basis for the filling pipe network layout and transmission and distribution network analysis of resistance along the way.
    No preview · Article · Jul 2012

  • No preview · Article · Mar 2012 · Indian journal of dermatology, venereology and leprology
  • X.-L. Wang · G.-F. Wang · Q.-T. Kong · F. Liu · D.-Q. Deng · H. Sang
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    ABSTRACT: A case of skin granulocytic sarcoma (GS) is reported. A 50-year-old man had his skin pricked with bamboo, and then some nodes appeared and gradually increased in size and number over both upper limbs along the lymphatic vessels. The bone marrow aspiration and peripheral blood cell count underwent in another hospital showed normal. Biopsy revealed an extramedullary (cutaneous and subcutaneous fat tissue) infiltration of poorly differentiated myeloid cells in our hospital. Immunohistochemical test showed positive to MPO(++), Ki67(++) and CD43(+). The diagnosis of skin granulocytic sarcoma was conformed. Further bone marrow aspiration suggested acute myeloid leukemia (AML) (M2). Then the patient was received treatment of chemotherapy, but the prognosis was unsatisfactory and he soon died.
    No preview · Article · Jan 2012