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    Cheng-Jie Xiong · Min Xie · Szu Hui Ng
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: With the enhancement of hardware and software engineering, the effectiveness and correctness of software is less and less doubted and customers are more aware about whether software services are available or not when needed. Software maintenance is one of the main reasons that make software unavailable and it is often very expensive to perform maintenance tasks. Common approaches of studying software maintenance are to consider it as a static by-product of software operation and only the maintenance cost is covered. In this paper, software maintenance policies are studied with the consideration of unavailable service time. A non-homogeneous continuous Markov chain is adopted for modeling the software operation and maintenance process, and the cost of software unavailability that is brought in by software maintenance is investigated and analyzed for searching the optimal maintenance policy, which aims at minimizing the average maintenance time cost. The optimality of our proposed policy is shown and checked by numerical examples with discussions of its possible application perspectives. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
    Full-text Article · Jan 2011 · Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution Research and Practice
  • Cheng-Jie Xiong · Yan-Fu Li · Min Xie · [...] · Thong-Ngee Goh
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Distributed systems are widely deployed in industries where high computational capability and low cost are required. Distributed software architecture is very important in the distributed system. However, since most distributed systems are designed based on a network structure, distributed software is very vulnerable to malware attacks. Due to the popularity of distributed system, it is vital to study the effects of malware attack on distributed systems. In this paper, we studied the malware attack behaviors by a Markov process model. The states of the object homogeneous distributed system can be derived by analyzing the Markov model, with which the service reliability and service availability can be further obtained. An illustrative demonstration is also presented.
    Chapter · Nov 2009