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    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Alterations of hepatopancreatic multi-transcript expression patterns, related to induced moult cycle, were identified in male Cherax quadricarinatus through cDNA microarray hybridizations of hepatopancreatic transcript populations. Moult was induced by X-organ sinus gland extirpation or by repeated injections of 20-hydroxyecdysone. Manipulated males were sacrificed at premoult or early postmoult, and a reference population was sacrificed at intermoult. Differentially expressed genes among the four combinations of two induction methods and two moult stages were identified. Biologically interesting clusters revealing concurrently changing transcript expressions across treatments were selected, characterized by a general shift of expression throughout premoult and early postmoult vs. intermoult, or by different premoult vs. postmoult expressions. A number of genes were differentially expressed in 20-hydroxyecdysone-injected crayfish vs. X-organ sinus gland extirpated males.
    Full-text Article · Jan 2008 · Insect Molecular Biology