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  • C.C. Fu · P.K. Wang · L.C. Lee · C.H. Lin · W.Y. Chang · Gioacchino Giuliani · Dimitar Ouzounov
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    ABSTRACT: A gamma-ray station has been established recently along the Longitudinal Valley in eastern Taiwan, which is a suture zone with NNE-striking on the boundary between Eurasia plate and Philippine Sea plate. Stresses arise in the crust in accordance with crustal deformations due to plate motions and geodynamic processes. Gamma-ray emission associated with the radioactive decay of radon, which is discharged into surface from deep source area, is continuously recorded in the station. Fluctuations of gamma-ray data are found to show a clear inverse correlation with atmospheric temperature. Based on the linear regression method, possible temperature effects can be removed and the corrected data can be obtained. Anomalous variations in the gamma-ray counting rate may appear as precursors a few days before some local earthquakes in eastern Taiwan. It is noted that there are two significant increases in the gamma-ray counting rate during the periods from March 20 to 26 and from April 22 to May 1, 2014. These increases are observed about one week before two earthquake swarms from March 26 to 27 and from May 3 to 5, 2014. Furthermore, a progressive anomaly with a continuous increase (∼ 8%) in gamma-ray count was recorded two weeks before the Fanglin Earthquake (ML = 5.9, May 21, 2014) occurring in the Longitudinal Valley area. A continuous monitoring on the gamma-ray data can improve our understanding of the possible relationship between the observed gamma-ray variations and the earthquakes in the study area.
    No preview · Article · May 2015 · Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
  • C ~C Fu · P ~G Wang · L ~C Lee · C ~H Lin · G Giuliani · D Ouzounov

    No preview · Article · Dec 2014
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    S. Pulinets · D. Ouzounov · G. Giuliani · K. Tsybulya · I. Yudin
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    ABSTRACT: Recent studies have demonstrated that the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling (LAIC) can be considered as an open nonlinear complex system with hierarchy of subsystems and elementary processes responsible for different anomalies generation. The most striking is the fact that observed pre-earthquake anomalies in such different parameters as aerosols content and ionospheric variations are not independent but are parts of the common process of the system approach to the critical state. Using the data collected for the period of the Van earthquake preparation we also confirm the fact established earlier that the strong earthquakes (M>7) provoke anomalies not only in the epicenter vicinity but also at the periphery of the common tectonic plate. We report the results of remote (R>2500 km) radon measurements, local meteorological parameters variations, aerosol optical thickness, land surface temperature, outgoing longwave infrared radiation, GPS TEC anomalies which were registered around the time of the Van M7.2 earthquake in Turkey 23 October 2011 showing the coherence in time and space what confirms the precursor synergy during the system approach to the critical state.
    Full-text · Article · Apr 2012
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    ABSTRACT: Latest studies related to Abruzzo earthquake (Italy) (Fall AGU 2009), have reported precursory signals observed on the ground and in space associated with earthquake of April 6, 2009. Further questions, that are still been debating in the science community are: (1) whether such signals systematically precede most of the earthquakes in the region; and (2) what is the physical link between the earthquake processes and the atmospheric/ ionospheric signals ? To address some of these we present four different data sets of continuous observations for 5 years period (2005-2009) and their temporal and spatial dynamics several days before the Abruzzo earthquake. This earthquake was in the middle point between three radon ground stations. Beginning March 30th, 2009 radon enhancement coincides (with some delay) with an increase in air temperature in the epicentral area. And subsequently from April 1 to 3, 2009 an increase of outgoing infra-red radiation was observed from satellite data. The GPS/Total Electron Content (TEC) data indicate an increase of electron concentration reaching a maximum on April 5, 2009. We have found a significant relationship between radon emanation and atmospheric and ionospheric anomalies associated with Abruzzo earthquake. This study conforms: (1) Our initial findings of atmospheric awakening prior to the Abruzzo earthquake; and (2) Demonstrate the presence of related variations of several parameters implying their connection to the earthquake preparation process. This study also can help to understand different short-term earthquake precursors and their association with earthquakes described by Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling (LAIC) model.
    Full-text · Article · Jan 2010