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    ABSTRACT: An integrated security analysis and optimal power flow package has been implemented in the North East China Power System Control Center. The functions implemented in this package include state estimation, short-term load forecast, external network equivalent, automatic contingency selection (ACS), security assessment and correction, and optimal power flow (OPF). This paper introduces, in some detail, the functions implemented, the algorithms adopted in the package and the real-time operation experiences. The outstanding feature of the package is that it integrates the security and optimization together to improve the performance. The improved (ACS) algorithm in this paper is a sensitivity based one with both real power overload and voltage violation considered. The security assessment function is based upon a sparse vector factor modification and both branch outages and generator outages are considered in the algorithm. A P-Q alternate approximating OPF algorithm is proposed in this paper and implemented in the package. The formulation of the OPF algorithm is given. The application of this package to North East China Power System is described and the operation experiences are given
    No preview · Conference Paper · Jan 1994
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    ABSTRACT: A state estimator has been real-time implemented in Northeast China power system control centre. A novel and efficient bad data identification method, the recursive measurement error estimation identification algorithm, is presented and used in the estimator. The real-time operation experience is given
    No preview · Conference Paper · Dec 1991