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    ABSTRACT: To describe the unusual clustering of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in a family from the Cayman Islands. An observational retrospective study of SLE was done following an index case of mixed connective tissue disease in a 51-year old West Indian woman. Her two daughters of the same father, who is of Cayman Islands origin, were also diagnosed with SLE. A family tree was subsequently drawn up to 1890 to identify other cases in the same family. There were 13 cases identified and all occurred between the 6th and the 8th generation. A family tree linked all cases to a man from the Cayman Islands who died in 1890. The nine cases with full medical records showed eight females and one male (8:1). The mean age at diagnosis was 29 years; polyarthritis occured in all nine patients (100%), kidney involvement in 6/9 (66.6%), skin rash in 6/9 (66.6%), pleuritis and pericarditis in 6/9 (66.6%) and anaemia in 6/9 (66.6%). The autoantibodies were mainly ANA in all patients (100%) and anti-dsDNA in 8/9 (88.8%). The unusual extensive familial clustering in this study represents the first to be described in a West Indian population where SLE is most prevalent and may suggest a genetic predisposition.
    No preview · Article · Jun 2014 · The West Indian medical journal
  • O Adedayo · N Iheonunekwu · D Jefferson
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    ABSTRACT: The 2009 Pandemic Novel Influenza A [HIN1] resulted in mild disease mostly but severe cases and death were associated with pneumonia, respiratory failure and multi-organ failure. We present a case of severe disease with acute heart failure and arrhythmia due to fulminant myocarditis in a 50- year old obese man with diabetes mellitus.
    No preview · Article · Mar 2011 · The West Indian medical journal
  • N Iheonunekwu · O Adedayo · A Clare · C Cummings
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    ABSTRACT: Yellow nail syndrome is a very rare clinical entity usually diagnosed from a combination of yellow dystrophic nails, lymphoedema and respiratory diseases. The aetiology is not known though dysfunctional hypoplastic lymphatics is speculated. Most cases occur sporadically but few cases may be associated with systemic diseases or may be inherited. This report documents another case in a 56-year old Caribbean female who presented with a six-year history of recurrent respiratory symptoms and later yellow dystrophic nails and lymphoedema. She responded well to vitamin E and oral fluconazole. We also did a short literature review of yellow nail syndrome.
    No preview · Article · Jan 2011 · The West Indian medical journal