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    ABSTRACT: In this article, we present a 12-year-old girl case with a painless mass in the left posterior region of the neck for two weeks. Two masses were detected during surgery. Histopathologic examination revealed the hyaline vascular type of Castleman's disease for the bigger mass and cavernous lymphangioma for the smaller mass. In the light of literature data, our case was the third childhood cervical posterior triangle Castleman's disease and was the first case reported due to its concomitance with cavernous lymphangioma.
    No preview · Article · May 2013 · Kulak burun bogaz ihtisas dergisi: KBB = Journal of ear, nose, and throat
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    ABSTRACT: Sphingomonas paucimobilis (S. paucimobilis), is a gram-negative, aerobic, non-fermentative, oxidase (+) and catalase (+) bacterium. Although S. paucimobilis is isolated very rarely, it can cause both nosocomial and community-acquired infections. A patient admitted to our clinic had a complaint of swelling in the right mandibular region and pain increasing while eating for the previous week. Bimanual palpation revealed a painful swelling of 1x1x1 cm in size inside the right Wharton's duct. Via massage over the right submandibular gland, a purulent drainage came up from the opening of the Wharton's duct and it was cultivated and S. paucimobilis was isolated. There was no ultrasonographic evidence of calculi in the duct or in the gland, but during the right submandibular gland massage, two stones came out through the Wharton's duct. The infection was observed to be eradicated with a 14-day ampicillin-sulbactam treatment. In the control examination after six months, there were no pathological signs or symptoms and the ultrasonogram was normal. As far as we know, this is the first sialadenitis case with underlying sialolithiasis where S. paucimobilis was isolated.
    No preview · Article · · Kulak burun bogaz ihtisas dergisi: KBB = Journal of ear, nose, and throat