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    ABSTRACT: This study aimed to use a microarray-based method for scoring a number of genomic DNA in parallel for one SNP marker on a glass slide for the genetic monitoring of inbred mice. We applied the method to identify inbred laboratory mice strains to validate the reliability and stability of this genotyping panel. The amplified PCR products from four inbred strains were spotted and immobilized onto amino-modified glass slides to generate a microarray, which was then interrogated by hybridization with dual-color probes to determine the SNP genotype of each sample. The results indicated that this microarray-based method could effectively determine the genotype of the six selected SNPs with a high degree of accuracy. This SNP genotyping method is feasible for monitoring genetic contamination in colonies of limited genetic diversity. Moreover, an enlarged version of the panel could be used to analyse a large number of strains.
    Preview · Article · Jan 2008