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  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The spike (S) glycoprotein of HCoV-NL63 is a major target in the development of diagnostic assays and vaccines, but its antigenic and immunogenic properties remain unclear. Four fragments coding spike proteins (S1, S2, RL and RS) from HCoV-NL63 were amplified and cloned into the expression vector derived from vaccinia virus (Tiantan strain), and recombinant vaccinia viruses expressing four segments of spike proteins were generated (vJSC1175-S1; vJSC1175-S2; vJSC1175-RL; vJSC1175-RS), respectively. Their expression location in cell and level were characterized using indirect immune fluorescence assay (IFA) and Western-Blot, respectively. The expressions of four segments of spike proteins in recombinant vaccinia viruses were showed at appropriate level and with posttranslational modification (glycosylation), and S1, RL and RS were mainly distributed in the cell membrane, while the S2 was mainly distributed in the cytoplasm. Our results provide a basis for further exploring diagnostic role and vaccine development of different spike segments from HCoV-NL63.
    No preview · Article · May 2011 · Bing du xue bao = Chinese journal of virology / [bian ji, Bing du xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui]
  • Bo Wen · Yao Deng · Wen-Jie Tan · Xiao Ying · Ji-Ming Gao · Li Ruan
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: To rational design HCV DNA vaccine candidates and evaluate their specific We design to construct two DNA vaccine candidates, one consists of immunity to HCV in mice. We design to construct two DNA vaccine candidates, one consists of E2 (the envelope glycoprotein 2 of HCV) gene only, the second consists of E2-gAD (Globular Domain of Human Adiponectin) fusion gene via overlapping PCR. Confirm the expression of the DNA vaccines by Western blotting, and then vaccinated by injection of DNA vaccines with gene electrotransfer (GET) in BALB/c mice. The immune response was measured by IFN-gamma ELISPOT. The DNA vaccine candidate consists of E2-gAD could effectively express in vitro , and it could induced a higher anti-HCV T cell response in mice than the one consists of E2 only. The HCV DNA vaccine consists of E2-gAD fusion can increase the immunity of the E, to some extend, and the research paved a way to develop and optimize the novel HCV DNA vaccine.
    No preview · Article · Feb 2010 · Zhonghua shi yan he lin chuang bing du xue za zhi = Zhonghua shiyan he linchuang bingduxue zazhi = Chinese journal of experimental and clinical virology