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    Ahmed Aouissi · Salem S Al-Deyab · Hassan Al-Shahri
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The cationic ring-opening polymerization reaction of tetrahydrofuran at 20 degrees C was catalyzed by H3PW12O40 x 13 H2O as solid acid catalyst. The effect of the proportions of acetic anhydride and catalyst, reaction time and support on the polymerization reaction was investigated. It has been found that the yield and the viscosity of the polymer depend on the proportion of acetic anhydride, the presence of the latter in the reactant mixture being required for the ring-opening. The catalytic activity of the alumina-supported heteropolyacid results showed that Brønsted acid sites are more effective than Lewis ones for the cationic ring-opening polymerization.
    Full-text Article · Mar 2010 · Molecules