M. Tatsuguchi

Port and Airport Research Institute, Йокосука, Kanagawa, Japan

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  • M. Tatsuguchi · M. Mizutani · M. Sano · M. Fudo · H. Ishida · I. Fujita
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    ABSTRACT: Recently marine pollution by high-viscosity oil leaked from wrecked ships has been becoming a remarkable problem in the world. Japan government is renewing old oil recovery vessels with new concept. The oil recovery vessels are available on the open sea, but unworkable in a narrow space. We have developed a handy oil recovery system which is portable and used for supplementing the weak point of the oil recovery vessel. The system consists of a water jet oil-skimmer and a gravity oil/water separator. The oil skimmer has a high-pressure water jet pump inside the suction mouth and a long shaft which is used as a conduit of the recovered fluid as well as a spring-hanging device which enables an operator to easily manipulate it from the deck of the ship. After 3-year research and experiments, we have completed the system successfully. The system will be soon installed on our oil recovery vessels
    No preview · Conference Paper · Dec 2004
  • I. Fujita · M. Yoshie · M. Mizutani · M. Sano · M. Fudo · M. Tatsuguchi
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    ABSTRACT: A vacuum suction oil skimming system has been studied. The system employs a high power vacuum blower for sucking high viscosity oil. Its applicability to an onboard oil recovery system has been experimentally investigated using small-size models as well as a large-size model. The suction performance has been measured and is given in terms of liquid suction rates, oil and water fraction, friction loss and liquid holdup in the riser pipe in various simulated conditions including wave and current. An emulsified heavy oil whose viscosity is as high as 300,000 mPa.s was used. The results shows that the vacuum suction is a suitable method for recovering the spilled oil on the sea surface since the system has better performance on a wavy surface than a calm water. This work also includes the system overview and a basic design strategy for a real-size onboard oil recovery system which will be installed on a new oil recovery vessel.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Dec 2004

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