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    Jiang Li · Xu Weisheng · Yu Youling
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    ABSTRACT: The accuracy of A/D and D/A converters depend largely upon their inner comparators. To guarantee 12-bit high resolution for an A/D converter, a precise CMOS comparator consisting of a three-stage differential preamplifier together with a positive feedback latch is proposed. Circuit structure, gain, the principle of input offset voltage storage and latching time constant for the comparator will be analyzed and optimized in this article. With 0.5 μm HYNIX mixed signal technology, the simulation result shows that the circuit has a precision of 400 μV at 20 MHz. The test result shows that the circuit has a precision of 600 μV at 16 MHz, and dissipates only 78 μW of power dissipation at 5 V. The size of the chip is 210 × 180 μm2. The comparator has been successfully used in a 10 MSPS 12-bit A/D converter. The circuit can be also used in a less than 13-bit A/D converter.
    Preview · Article · Apr 2010 · Journal of Semiconductors
  • Wang Cuixia · Kan Hongjin · Cen Feng · Yu Youling
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    ABSTRACT: Low FOM (Figure-of-merit) planar MOSFET is presented in this paper. The p-base of the developed MOSFET is formed by self-aligned ion implanted. Only four masks is used to fabrication while the performance of the developed MOSFET is better than the present conventional MOSFET. The optimized 20V rated MOSFET exhibits about 7.8mΩ·mm2 specific on-resistance, 1.2nC·mm2 and 3.4 nC·mm2 gate-drain charge and gate charge respectively. There is a reduction of 57% in the Figure of Merit.
    No preview · Article · Jan 2010
  • Xin Limin · Xu Weisheng · Yu Youling
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    ABSTRACT: This paper proposed a fast harmonic detection method based on recursive discrete Fourier transform, which is suitable for real-time calculation. The main features of the proposed method are that (1) it can be used to detect only specific harmonic components, (2) the recursive method needs few calculation, so harmonic detection and compensation can be implemented on-line, (3) spectrum update is implemented in a step larger than one sampling period to avoid over-sampling, (4) time-domain windowing has been taken into account to reduce spectral leakage caused by asynchronous sampling. These characteristics make the proposed method especially compatible with hybrid active filter, in which structure only specific harmonic components concerned are needed to be analyzed and harmonic compensation is implemented almost immediately.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Aug 2007
  • Zhao Wei · Xu Weisheng · Yu Youling
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents a method of verifying matching key-point couples extracted by SIFT algorithm from two relative images. This method defines dependability of matching couples with local area features which express the harmony of the tested couple with nearest matching couples. In this paper, pictures that have similar contents are first analyzed by SIFT algorithm. After this operation, original matching key-point couples are found out. Then the result of SIFT are examined by our method. In the pilot study, experiments have proved the method behaves fast, efficiently and stably. The data from experiment shows that the method is capable of discriminating correct matching couples from incorrect couples, so it can eliminate mismatching key-point couples automatically in the same time protect the matching couples. In most tests, it increases the matching rate from about 70% to more than 95%.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Aug 2007
  • Qu Haini · Xu Weisheng · Yu Youling
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we have developed a new way to design the output layer of neural network in fault diagnosis of analog circuit. The primary focus of our method is to simplify the network architecture while offering the value information of faulty component. A comparison of our work with reference indicates that our work ensures a robust and fast fault diagnosis in analog circuit including effects due to tolerances. The concepts of our work can be extended to detect multiple faulty components.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Aug 2007
  • Shi Li · Yu Youling · Xu Weisheng
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    ABSTRACT: This paper introduces a remote wireless temperature monitoring system which can be applied in real-time and with multi-regional access to information without geographical restriction by short message service (SMS).
    No preview · Conference Paper · Aug 2007
  • Zhou Shan · Yu Youling · Xu Weisheng
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    ABSTRACT: The traditional deadbeat control strategy is based on an accurate mathematical modeling, the property of which is subjected to be affected by the parameters of power system. In this paper, a systemic research is carried out on a deadbeat current control (DBCC) strategy based on recursive Least Squares Method (LSM) for harmonic compensation of shunt single-phase voltage-source APF.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Aug 2007
  • Yang Xin · Yu Youling · Xu Weisheng · Wu Qidi
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    ABSTRACT: A new on-chip current sensing circuit for the over-current protection of the electronic ballast is presented in this paper. The proposed scheme increases the sense accuracy and noise immunity over the full temperature range of the devices and can avoid fault over-current protection. Simulation results verify the accuracy of the on-chip current sensing circuit.
    No preview · Article · Aug 2007
  • Huang Kaifeng · Xu Weisheng · Yu Youling
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    ABSTRACT: This paper introduced a design of a fluorescent lamp control platform based on the technology of power-line carrier, which was consistent to the trend of green lighting and intelligent building. And the key point of this platform was to make the communication among those transceivers, which are connected just by power-line, dependable and stable. So this paper focused on the circuitry designing around the PLC chip SC1128.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Aug 2007

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