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    ABSTRACT: . The Sun is an important test-bed for the physics of stellar coronae. However the context, the methods and the scope of solar studies are different from those of stellar ones and a direct comparison among the two is hard. In order to bridge the gap between solar and stellar coronal physics, we have developed and tested a method to compare directly X-ray data relevant to the solar and the stellar coronae; it is based on the wide band X ray data collected with Yohkoh/SXT. The intermediate results of this analysis (emission measure distributions vs. temperature, solar X-ray spectra, their evolution etc.) are important also in the context of solar physics. We discuss the solar X-ray characteristic in the stellar context, its variability during the cycle, solar X-ray flares, and how these results compare with those of stellar coronae. 1. Introduction Coronal Physics is very important in the wider context of Astrophysics: it is a tracer of the presence of magnetic fields on stars, and of ...
    Full-text · Article · Oct 2000