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    ABSTRACT: Experiments leading to full optical control of two C -band MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) subarrays, consisting of 1×4 MMIC T/R (transmit/receive) modules, are discussed. For MMIC-based T/R modules operating best at 5.50 to 5.80 GHz, fiber-optic links at 5 GHz (for reference) and 650±150 MHz (for coding/data signals) were selected. The upconverted signal provides a modulated carrier at 5.650 GHz±150 MHz for chirp radar operation over 5.6 to 5.8 GHz. The reference signal fiber-optic distribution network at 5 GHz provides frequency reference for synchronization of the two subarray-based local oscillators at 5 GHz to the same carrier center frequency. The same stabilized local oscillators are employed to downconvert the received modulated carrier in the radar received mode. The fiber-optic networks for coding/data signals operate at IF (intermediate frequency) of 650±150 MHz. These links are required to have the lowest insertion loss and highest dynamic range over this frequency range
    No preview · Conference Paper · Aug 1992
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    ABSTRACT: Experimental results are presented demonstrating the operation of optically controlled phased array antennas at C -band. More specifically, experimental results on optically controlled 2×4 MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) based active T/R (transmit/receive) modules over the frequency of 5.5 to 5.8 GHz are presented. Custom-designed fiber-optic links have been used to provide distribution of data and frequency reference signals to phased array antennas used in the T/R Level Data Mixing architecture system
    No preview · Conference Paper · Jul 1992
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    ABSTRACT: Experiments performed on a 2�?4 active MMIC based phased array antenna system are described. The active MMICs operating at C-band are controlled and fed via fiber optic links. The T/R level data mixing scheme for up-conversion (down-conversion) of the IF (RF) to RF (IF) is demonstrated. The phased array at C-band is characterized in an anechoic chamber. Optical true-time delay measurements to overcome beam squint are proposed.
    No preview · Article · Jan 1992