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  • M A Ali · M Shahidullah · M A Hossain · [...] · C A Kawsar
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: This prospective cross sectional study was carried out in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Dhaka. This study was undertaken to compare the haematological value (reference range) among Small for gestational age-low birth weight (SGA-LBW), Appropriate for gestational age-low birth weight (AGA-LBW) and Normal birth weight (NBW) babies. Total 90 (ninety) newborn babies were enrolled in this study. They were ultimately divided into three groups as a) Group I (SGA-LBW), b) Group II (AGA-LBW), c) Group III (NBW). Study period was one year (December 2003 to December 2004), Relevant informations were collected from the guardian of the babies before inclusion in the study. In group I, 19(63.3%) were preterm and 11(36.7%) were term. In group II, 30(100%) were preterm and in group III, 30(100%) were term. Mean Hb, and HCT levels were highest in group I (SGA-LBW) and the value was 17.14+/-1.41 gm/dl (Hb) and 0.51+/-0.04 (HCT) respectively. Mean Hb and HCT value were lowest in group II (AGA-LBW) and the value was 14.57+/-1.78 gm/dl (Hb) and 0.43+/-0.05 (HCT) respectively. In between value was found in group III (NBW) and the value was 16.14+/-1.09 gm/dl (Hb) and 0.48+/-0.04 (HCT) respectively. Differences were statistically significant. On the contrary, MCV Values were highest in group II (AGA-LBW) and the value was 103.23+/-4.99 (fl). Lowest MCV value was in group III (NBW) and the value was 98.13+/-3.93 (fl). In between result of MCV value was found in group I (SGA-LBW) and the value was 99.27+/-10.73 (fl). Differences were also statistically significant. MCH and MCHC level was also highest in group I (SGA-LBW). Difference was also statistically significant. No significant differences of TC of WBC and platelet counts were not found among different groups. Hb and HCT level had significant positive correlation with gestational age. Other parameters had no Positive correlation with gestational age.
    Article · Aug 2008 · Mymensingh Medical Journal