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  • W. Wang · H.X. Zhang · W.P. Yu · G.H. Zong · J.W. Zhang
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    ABSTRACT: To overcome the overshoot and oscillation in the normal Bang-Bang controller applied in the pneumatic driving glass-wall cleaning robot, this paper presents a F&A compensating variable Bang-Bang control algorithm for the pneumatic position servo. Besides a new cylinder driving plan is designed, the control algorithm is also improved by adding a fiction force compensating item in the chamber force evaluation equation. To adjust the controlling parameters dynamically, certain increasing functions, such as step function, linear function and arc-tangent function, are used to define the piston's expectative acceleration along with the reduction of the piston's position error. To testify the feasibility of the control algorithms with the above three expectative acceleration setting functions respectively, a pneumatic glass-wall cleaning robot "Sky Cleaner 4" is used as a testing platform to implement a series of on-load position servo experiments. And the different results of them are compared.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Oct 2007