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    ABSTRACT: Neutral beam injection (NBI-co and NBI-counter), ICRH and their combinations have been compared on TEXTOR for what concerns the heating and their effect on the energy anisotropy and the confinement. In most of the cases, stationary heated plasma conditions have been obtained with boronized wall. The main results are: (i) Production of a hot ion mode with NBI-co. It is characterized by a large energy anisotropy, by a large noninductively driven toroidal current and by the stabilization of the sawteeth (of the monster type) due to the hot ion tail. (ii) Significant enhancement of these effects when ICRH is added to NBI-co. The neutron yield is also increased by the addition of ICRH. Peak electron and ion temperature around 3 keV have been obtained and 70% of the total current has been non inductively driven. (iii) Large excess of the total energy content (up to 2.3) with respect to the L-mode scaling predictions has been obtained with the combinations NBI-co+ICRH or NBI-co+NBI-counter. (iv) Up to 6 MW of additional power has been coupled to the plasma leading to beta p=1.5 and beta t equal to 70% of the Troyon limit.
    Full-text · Article · Dec 2000 · Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion