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  • R. Schreiber · A. Davis · J. Delacy · [...] · H. Lockwood
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Results are presented of a study to identify capital costs associated with converting industrial and utility boilers from conventional high-sulfur fossil fuels to low-sulfur products from selected coal conversion processes. The boilers of concern include all industrial and utility size equipment in the 10 to the 7th power to 10 to the 10th power Btu/hr capacity range. The substitute fuels include solvent refined coal (SRC) in the solid and hot liquid (melted) phases as well as lower-Btu gas. The cost assessment methods used in the study showed that conversion to liquid SRC is the most expensive alternative. Converting coal-fired boilers to solid SRC is the least expensive alternative for these types of boilers. Between the costs of converting to SRC in either phase lie those costs for converting to the gaseous fuels. A significant result of the study is that the costs of all conversion strategies increase exponentially with boiler capacity: cost appears to be a weak function of boiler design. (GRA)
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