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    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The objective was to evaluate the effect of the interval between ovarian hyperstimulation and laparoscopic ovum pick-up (LOPU) on quality and developmental competence of goat oocytes before and after in vitro maturation (IVM) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Estrus was synchronized with an intravaginal insert containing 0.3g progesterone (CIDR) for 10d, combined with a luteolytic treatment of 125 microg cloprostenol 36 h prior to CIDR removal. Ovaries were hyperstimulated with 70 mg FSH and 500 IU hCG given im 36, 60, or 72 h prior to LOPU (n=15, 16, and 7 does, respectively). For these groups, oocyte retrieval rates (mean+/-S.E.M.) were 24.7+/-2.9, 54.5+/-4.7, and 82.8+/-4.6% (P<0.001), and the proportions of cumulus-oocyte complexes (COC) with more than five layers of cumulus cells were 29.7+/-8.3, 37.6+/-6.9, and 37.3+/-7.0% (P<0.001). The proportion of IVM oocytes was highest at 72 h (82.1+/-2.8%; P<0.05), with no significant difference between 36 and 60 h (57.3+/-8.9% and 69.0+/-8.4%). Cleavage rates of ICSI embryos were 4.2+/-4.2, 70.9+/-8.4, and 78.9+/-8.2% with LOPU 36, 60, and 72 h post FSH/hCG (P<0.01), with a lower proportion of Grade-A embryos (P<0.05) following LOPU at 36 h compared to 60 and 72 h (29.7+/-8.3%, 37.6+/-6.9%, and 37.3+/-7.0%). In summary, a prolonged interval from FSH/hCG to LOPU improved oocyte retrieval rate and oocyte quality. Therefore, under the present conditions, LOPU 60 or 72 h after FSH/hCG optimized yields of good-quality oocytes for IVM and embryo production in goats.
    Full-text · Article · Jun 2008 · Theriogenology