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    Yu Han · Shen Zhiqi · Miao Chunyan · Wen Jing · Yang Qizhen
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    ABSTRACT: Intelligent software agent technology has wide ranging applications in automating processes that require learning and decision making. It has been demonstrated that multi-agent systems can serve the needs of a real-time distributed manufacturing environment [6]. It would be most rewarding if an integrated manufacturing and service system (IMSS) could be easily and efficiently modeled by a multi-agent system. However, although there are well established methodologies to model agent mental states, there is an absence of effective tools to convert the design into implementation. This paper proposes a service based agent system modelling and design tool - the Goal Net Designer, to bridge the gap between modeling a multi-agent system and automatically implementing the design to serve the purpose of an IMSS.
    Full-text · Conference Paper · Oct 2007