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  • Shen Chen · Jintao Huang · Guangming Yuan
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    ABSTRACT: Pdx-1, an important transcription factor highlighting in the early pancreatic development, islet functions and pancreatic disorders, needs to be more investigated in zebrafish, and siRNA is still seldom applied in zebrafish embryo-related research. Our aim was to explore the role of pdx-1 in pancreatic development of zebrafish embryos by using siRNA approach. Microinjection, reverse transcriptase-PCR (RT-PCR), in situ hybridization and immunofluorescent staining were used in this research, and the morphology of the islet in normal zebrafish embryos, and in those treated with the siRNA specific to pdx-1 (siPDX-1) or siGFP was observed and compared. The expression of pdx-1 was detected in the stages of 1-cell, 2-cell, 4-cell, 8-cell, 16-cell, 16-hour by RT-PCT. The in situ hybridization and immunofluorescent staining results showed that siPDX-1 disturbed the formation of the islet in zebrafish embryos. Pdx-1 played multiple roles in maintaining the phenotype of the islet during embryogenesis in zebrafish.
    No preview · Article · Dec 2008 · Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
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    ABSTRACT: Spodoptera exigua multinucleopolyhedrovirus (SeMNPV) and Spodoptera litura nucleopolyhedrovirus (SpltNPV) are genetically similar, but the larvae of S. exigua are not susceptible to SpltNPV. The aim of this study was to identify whether any process was inhibiting SpltNPV infection at some point. S. exigua larvae infected with a high concentration of wild-type SpltNPV by oral inoculation produced a fatal infection in second- or third-instar S. exigua, but the dead larvae did not undergo liquefaction; in contrast, fourth-instar infected larvae remained healthy. RT-PCR analysis of total RNA from infected second-instar larvae targeting immediate-early (ie-0), early (dnapol), late (chit) and very late (polh) genes suggested that SpltNPV initiated infection in the non-susceptible hosts. Total DNA extracted from the haemocytes of infected larvae showed DNA ladders characteristic of apoptosis. Sections of tissue from infected third-instar larvae of S. exigua at 96 h post-inoculation, stained with haematoxylin and eosin, revealed a highly disrupted morphology in the fat body. Apoptosis in fat body tissue was detected using terminal deoxynucleotidyltransferase-mediated fluorescein-dUTP nick end labelling (TUNEL) assays. In situ hybridization revealed the presence of viral DNA within the TUNEL-positive area, indicating viral infection in this tissue. These results suggest that apoptosis limits viral propagation by reducing the number of SpltNPV-infected haemocytes and fat body cells and inhibits disseminated viral infection.
    Full-text · Article · Sep 2007 · Journal of General Virology
  • Shen Chen · Chaohong Li · Guangming Yuan · Fukang Xie
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    ABSTRACT: To investigate the anatomic structure of the pancreas and the distribution of the islets in adult zebrafish. In situ immunofluorescent staining, electron microscopy, and serial paraffin-embedded sectioning with hematoxylin/eosin staining were applied. The pancreas along the intestine included 4 relatively independent and concentrated lobes, in which 4 kinds of islets-principal islets, Brockmann bodies, diffusely existing islets, and single beta-cell-were observed. Some islets contained both alpha and beta cells, whereas some contained only beta cells. The islet number in each adult zebrafish averaged 84.53 +/- 43.77; and the lower quartile, median, and upper quartile were 55.25, 70.50, and 112.00, respectively (n = 40). The different islets were differently distributed in the 4 pancreatic lobes with statistical significance (P < 0.05). Meanwhile, 3 kinds of secretory granules were found in the cytoplasm of different islet cells. According to the distinct distribution, concentration of the pancreas, and different contents of the islets within the pancreas, 4 lobes of the pancreas along the intestine-the gallbladder-spleen lobe, the middle lobe, the left lobe, and the ventral lobe-were identified in adult zebrafish.
    No preview · Article · Feb 2007 · Pancreas

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