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Xi'an Technological University, Ch’ang-an, Shaanxi, China

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  • Tao An · Yang Li · Qitang Yin
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    ABSTRACT: The paper introduces the η=WI/Xm=0.25 mathematical models and adopts mathematical model VB=94ρ n 0.7 to design structure parameters of high power double-base P + PINN +  structured fast soft recovery diodes. Platinum doping and electron irradiating technologies are used to mutually control the base minority carrier lifetime and distrbution, the design method is used to optimize the structure parameter of ZKR300A/ 2500V. The design parameters were tested and verified through experiments, which proved the parameters of diodes meet the designed target and achieved the level of similar products in abroad countries. The results prove that the design method and the selected parameters are correct,lifetime control is effective. KeywordsFRD–P + PINN + structure–soft recovery–minority carrier life
    No preview · Chapter · Apr 2011
  • Tao An · Yi Xing · Cailin Wang
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    ABSTRACT: The fast and soft recovery is required for power pin diodes supporting the use of IGBT. In this paper, the effects of the local low lifetime and the overall lifetime on device characteristics have been simulated and analyzed by using of software. Based on their effects on the reverse recovery time trr, the forward voltage drop VF and the reverse leakage current IR of power pin diode, those parameters, such as the base location L, lifetime t*P\tau^{*}_{\rm P} and allover lifetime τ P In local low lifetime control technology and the overall lifetime τ P, are studied and the optimal base lifetime distribution parameters are obtained. Those results have practical reference value for research and manufacturing of diodes with fast and soft recovery. Keywordslocal low lifetime–fast and soft recovery–reverse recovery time
    No preview · Chapter · Apr 2011
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    ABSTRACT: The switching characteristics of integrated gate-commutated thyristor (IGCT) is simulated by MEIDICI simulator. Based on the simulation results, the current commutation mechanism of GCT during switching is analyzed, and the design consideration of the gate-cathode layout of GCT is given. The results show that anode current in GCT commutes abruptly to gate during turn-off, and GCT corresponds to an open-base pnp transistor. Thus the gate-cathode layout of GCT should be differing from GTO. Lastly, a new gate-cathode layout of GCT with trapeziform cathode unit is given.
    No preview · Article · May 2009
  • Cailin Wang · Yong Gao · Tao An · Li Ma
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    ABSTRACT: The characteristics of three GTO structures with conventional, short and transparent anode, that is, GTO, SAGTO and TAGTO, are analyzed by using MEDICI simulator. The characteristics of TAGTO are illustrated by comparing with GTO and SAGTO. The results show that the transparent anode with an additional n-layer buffer used in TAGTO devices can further improve its blocking and switching characteristics simultaneity, and hardly effect on its conducting characteristics. Lastly, the mechanism of the transparent anode is revealed by analyzing the switching characteristic of the TAGTO
    No preview · Conference Paper · Sep 2004
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, a integrated gate drive circuit of reverse-conducting GCT with 1100A/4500V is analyzed and designed. Firstly, the turn-on and turnoff circuit is analyzed and designed according to the requirment of device drive, and using PSPICE to make simulation, moreover, the influence of inductance L1 and L2, capacitor Coff and switching Qoff parameters to the gate drive current were analyzed, as well as the analysis and optimization of these parameters. And then, for FPGA, as the core control chip of the control circuit, using the software QuartusΠ to writing code and completing the function simulation. Finally, get a complete GCT integrated gate drive circuit with the turn-on and turn-off circuit and the logic control circuit, and provide a design method for the development of driving circuit design of integrated GCT.
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    • Xi'an Technological University
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