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  • Anton Dianov · Jae-Young Choi · Kwang-Woon Lee · Joon-Hwan Lee
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents a new algorithm for position sensorless vector control of the permanent magnets synchronous motors (PMSM), which is based on the well-known approach, when rotor position and speed information is obtained by using current error between actual and estimated currents. Estimated current is calculated using motor model, which is written in the synchronous reference frame dq. The current difference is decomposed into two components. One of them is used for motor back-emf and speed estimation and another one is used as a correction term. Rotor position is calculated as an integral of the estimated speed. Utilization of two current error components allows to build reliable system with low estimation error, where one current error component is used for estimation in static modes and another one in dynamic mode. Robustness of the proposed algorithm and its sensitivity to the motor parameters variations are also described. This paper pays attention to the drive starting procedure in the sensorless mode as well.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Jul 2007
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    Kwang-Woon Lee · Joon-Hwan Lee · Jae-Young Choi
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    ABSTRACT: The magnitude of output torque in a BLDC Motor depends on torque angle so that the exact initial position of rotor is essentially required for good starting. This paper presents a novel starting control method for smooth starting in a position-sensorless controlled BLDC motor drive for reciprocating compressor of refrigerator. The proposed method starts a BLDC motor using information on the initial position of rotor, determined from current response characteristics, and shows robust starting capability to starting load variations. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified through experimental results.
    Preview · Article · Jan 2006
  • Kwang-Woon Lee · Dae-Kyong Kim · Tae-Duck Kim · Jae-Young Choi
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents a novel method to reduce commutation torque ripple in a position sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive. To compensate the commutation torque ripple completely, conventional methods should know commutation interval, so that they need current sensors. However, the proposed method measures commutation interval from the terminal voltage of a brushless DC motor, calculates a PWM duty ratio using the measured commutation interval to suppress the commutation torque ripple, and applies to the calculated PWM duty ratio only during the next commutation. Experimental results verify that the proposed method implemented in an air-conditioner compressor controller considerably reduces not only the pulsating currents but also vibrations of a position-sensorless BLDC motor.
    No preview · Conference Paper · Jul 2004