The ResearchGate–IOP Publishing Partnership: What our members can expect

February 1, 2022

ResearchGate’s work with academic publishers was borne out of a search for common ground. We found that authors and publishers wanted many of the same things: to increase the reach of their articles, to better understand the impact their published research has, and to forge deeper connections with researchers in their fields. We started building ResearchGate Publisher Solutions with these common goals in mind.

We’re thrilled to have found so many publishers who subscribe to the prevailing shift toward Open Science, and who want to partner with ResearchGate for a more author- and reader-centric publishing ecosystem. We think our latest partnership with IOP Publishing (IOPP) is a testament to the successful strategy of putting researchers first.

IOPP is known for its researcher-centric approach to publishing: as a subsidiary of the Institute of Physics, the UK’s key professional body for advancing physics research and innovation, IOPP’s portfolio includes over 90 journals focused on the physical sciences, covering topics ranging from astrophysics to materials science to engineering. Importantly, IOPP puts all financial surpluses toward helping advance knowledge of physics and support for physicists.

Announcing this partnership is an important milestone for us: it marks the first time that a scholarly society publisher has committed to making its content directly available on the ResearchGate platform. The agreement will bring 36,000 full-text versions of record to ResearchGate over the coming year, from three open-access IOPP journals —  Environmental Research Letters, Materials Research Express and New PJournal of Physics — and four hybrid journals: Biomedical Materials, Classical Quantum Gravity, Physica Scripta and J Phys B.    

We look forward to working with IOPP toward a more connected research community in the field of physics and beyond.

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