A new method for measuring hemoglobin.

Laboratory Hematology 02/2003; 9(3):179.
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    ABSTRACT: Among the colorimetric methods of haemoglobin estimation Cyanmethemoglobin method is commonly used. A new colorimetric method developed by the author, using acid–haematin is also having been found to be similar sensitivity 1 . In both methods red cells are haemolysed and released haemoglobin form complex with respective chemicals that give optical density that is measured during estimation of haemoglobin but in both methods, leucocytes have no way to be lysed or are not eliminated from the chemicals. These leucocytes should have definite optical density and though in normal range of population, blood leucocytes do not confer any significant optical density interfering absorbance during hemoglobin estimation but very high leucocytes count (e.g., in leukemia) should mis-interpretate actual hemoglobin level due to showing significant optical density. For over five years hemoglobin levels were estimated from 14400 patients out of whom 118 blood samples were of leukemia and 4 were leukemoid reaction with leucocytes ranging from count 50,000/cumm to 6,00,000/cumm. On average leucocytes 50,000 /cumm of blood found to falsely increase haemoglobin level to 0.55gm% of blood.
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