[Effects of enriched oxygen on human free radical metabolism during exercise at 5 380 m plateau]

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To study the effect of enriched oxygen on free radical metabolism at high altitude. SOD, GSH-Px and MDA were measured in 10 health young men after step in a room with or without oxygen enrichment at high altitude of 5 380 m. After exercise in the oxygen-enriched room, SOD and GSH-Px increased significantly while MDA decreased notably (P<0.01) than those after exercise in the room without oxygen enrichment (P<0.05 or P<0.01). Enriched oxygen can decrease damage from free radical at high altitude.

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... SpO 2 is an important indicator of oxygen supply for the body. At high altitude, the low partial pressure of oxygen stemming from the reduced barometric pressure caused less oxygen diffuse into the capillaries within the lungs, finally caused hypoxia and low SpO 2 [21]. ...
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Many people who live in the low altitude areas are often suffered from hypoxia when they entered the high plateau. This problem may seriously influence the physical and mental state and work efficacy for the travelers and workers. Oxygen enrichment of a small space air at high altitude is considered as a simple way to provide lowlanders enriched oxygen for sleeping and resting, improving work efficiency, so we developed an oxygen concentration machine based on the technology of oxygen enrichment mem-brane. This paper tested 8 healthy male lowlanders (age 21.63±1.77 yr) who have never exposed to pla-teau performed an incremental exercise on cycle er-gometer at sea-level in order to be used as sea-level controls. Two days later, the same subjects were tak-en to Lhasa (3700 m) by air and exposed to the pla-teau, performed the same exercise as they did at sea-level. The next day, all subjects were asked to enter the experimental tent which was enriched with oxygen (higher than 24%) by the oxygen concentra-tion machine and sleep for 10 hours at night, then exposed to plateau and performed the same exercise twice at different time (2 hours and 10 hours after oxygen enrichment). During the tests, subjects must cycled continuously at 60 rpm beginning with a 3 min exercise intensity of 0 W followed by incremental in-creases of 25 W every 3 min until 150 W, pulse oxy-gen saturation (SpO 2) and heart rate (HR) were re-corded. After sleeping in an oxygen enrichment of tent air, 2 hours later, the subjects' load capacity had no difference compared with control group, but sig-nificant difference than before (higher SpO 2 and lower HR), which indicated that oxygen concentra-tion machine is effective in increasing the oxygen concentration of the air for the tent and sleeping in the oxygen enrichment tent for l0 h might be effective in improving exercise performance during high-alti-tude hypoxia. At the same time, 10 hours later, when work-load exceeded 125 W, the same effects were also found. The results indicated the effects of oxygen en-richment of tent air could last a certain period of time.
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