[Embolizing of high flow craniomaxillofacial arteriovenous malformations with superselected endovascular catheterization: report of 9 cases].

ArticleinShanghai kou qiang yi xue = Shanghai journal of stomatology 11(3):206-9 · October 2002with9 Reads
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    Using endovascular embolization to cure and stop the enlargement of craniomaxillofacial AVMs.
    Nine patients with craniomaxillofacial AVMs were treated with endovascular embolization. Among them four were males and five females. The average age was 21 years old. The diagnosis was made according to CT, MRI and DSA angiograpy. PVA particles was used via a microcatheter to embolize the AVMs.
    In this group,the lesions in six of nine patients were totally embolized by one procedure. The other three cases underwent two procedures. All the lesions were totally embolized. The follow up of eight in nine patients (except one lost) showed a good recovery of the swollen skin around the focus, the colour and the temperature became normal. No complications were observed.
    Endovascular embolization is an effective method to cure the lesions or to stop the enlargement of craniomaxillofacial AVMs with minimal invasion. It is important that this method can avoid damaging the face by surgical resection. We also find that the venous part or the venous pool of the fistulae is the most important part for the lesions to reoccur.