Mullerian adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth of the cervix presenting as cervical polyp: A case report and review of the literature

ArticleinInternational Journal of Gynecological Cancer 14(5):1024-9 · September 2004with5 Reads
DOI: 10.1111/j.1048-891X.2004.014546.x · Source: PubMed
An aggressive variant of adenosarcoma, mullerian adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth (MASO) in the cervix is extremely rare. This variant contains obvious, high-grade sarcoma in addition to a low-grade form. In this report, we describe a case of MASO of the uterine cervix and review the clinical and pathological features of these tumors. The patient was a 37-year-old woman with a cervical polypoid mass, which was morphologically considered as a benign endocervical polyp. Microscopically, polypoid cervical mass showed diffuse and dense malignant spindle cell proliferation around the benign endocervical glands and also an area of markedly anaplastic and pleomorphic spindle cell proliferation, so called, sarcomatous overgrowth. Total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy with pelvic lymph node dissection were performed. The patient has been followed-up and neither chemotherapy nor other adjuvant therapies have been administered. At present, she has been clinically free of disease for 9 months since she received surgery. It is extremely rare that MASO of the uterine cervix is presented in premenopausal woman. Gynecologists and pathologists should be aware of the difficulties associated with a delay in the diagnosis of MASO when the tumor is present as a benign looking cervical polyp.
    • "MA with SO is reported in about 33% of uterine corpus MA and was associated in 67% of cases with recurrence [1]. In cervix, MA with SO are extremely rare; only four case reports were published [5, 6, 10, 11]. In uterine location, immunoreactions for two markers of cell proliferation, Ki-67 and p53 were stronger in MA with SO than in typical MA. "
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Mullerian adenosarcoma of the cervix is a rare tumor composed of benign epithelial and malignant stromal components. Sarcomatous overgrowth and heterologous elements in cervical adenosarcoma are extremely infrequent. We report the case of a 26-year-old woman admitted at the gynaecology department for a painless mass protruding from her vagina. The initial pathological exam concluded to endocervical polyp. Six months later, the patient was readmitted with a recurrence of the polyp. The pathological exam demonstrated interlacing fascicles of elongated spindle cells with few mitotic activity and no glandular formation. After reviewing of the initial polyp the diagnosis of mullerian adenosarcoma was suggested. A second recurrence of the polyp was noted one month later. Histopathological exam of the recurrent polyp confirmed the diagnosis of adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth and heterologous elements. The patient was lost for follow-up. Cervical adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth and heterologous element is a rare tumor that occurs in younger age in contrast to endometrium/corpus uterin mullerian adenosarcoma. In young women with recurrent cervical polyp, mullerian adenosarcoma must be considered and should be excluded by careful histopathological exam. Sarcomatous overgrowth and myometrial invasion are the most important prognostic factors. Treatment strategy is still unclear.
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    • "Malignant mixed Mullerian tumours are commonly seen in post-menopausal women and they are very aggressive with poor prognosis (Park et al., 2004; Maheshwari et al., 2006). Histological features were found to be biphasic with an epithelial component (endometrial glandular tissue) and a sarcomatous (cartilage and rhabdomyoblasts) component of extreme variability, which is important for diagnosis of MMMT (Maheshwari et al., 2006; Ahuja et al., 2011). "
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Malignant mixed Mullerian tumour is a rare gynaecological tumour commonly presenting with vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or mass in the uterine cavity, cervix or vagina. The neoplasms are commonly seen in postmenopausal women although it has been observed in younger women. Ovaries and the corpus of the uterus are commonly involved, whereas involvement of the cervix and vagina is rare. A 37 year-old Tanzania lady para 7 with a previous history of two genital polypectomies presented with history of recurrent vaginal mass which was associated with abnormal vaginal bleeding and foul smelling discharge. Vaginal examination revealed a prolapsed uterus with giant fungating cervical mass which was ulcerated, friable, and bled easily on touch. Impression was grade three uterine prolapse with infected cervical polyp/ cervical sarcoma. Excision of the tumour through trans-vaginal hysterectomy was performed, no lymphadenopathy was found, no adnexa abnormalities, and no involvement of the vaginal wall. Histological diagnosis of Malignant mixed Mullerian tumour of the cervix was made. Patient recovery was unremarkable; however she was lost to follow up. The patient’s mass was initially suspected to be prolapsed uterus with decubitus ulcer but the histological results were of a malignant condition. Lack of clear management guidelines for some rare mixed tumours remains a challenge for clinicians in low resource settings.
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    • "(Table 1) In uterus, adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth are aggressive tumors frequently associated with postoperative recurrence or metastases, and poor prognosis, markedly contrasting with typical mullerian adenosarcoma of the uterus. Myometrial invasion and heterologous elements seem to be principle prognostic factors [26]. Aggressive behavior of MASO of the uterine cervix is uncertain because they are extremely uncommon. "
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Uterine sarcomas are relatively rare tumors that account for approximately 1-3% of female genital tract malignancies and between 4-9% of uterine cancers. Less than 8% of all cases are Mullerian adenosarcoma, a distinctive uterine neoplasm characterized by a benign, but occasionally atypical, epithelial and a malignant, usually low-grade, stromal component, both of which should be integral and neoplastic constituents of the tumor. Mullerian adenosarcoma with sarcomatous overgrowth (MASO) is a very aggressive variant, associated with post-operative recurrence, metastases, even when diagnosed in early stage. We present a fourth MASO case derived from uterine cervix in a 72-year-old woman with metrorrhagia and a polypoid mass protruding through the cervical ostium. Total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, systematic pelvic lymph node dissection, omental biopsy and appendectomy were performed. Surgery treatment was associated with adjuvant whole-pelvis radiation (45 Gy) and adjuvant chemotherapy (cisplatin/ifosfamide). After nine months of follow up, the patient was free of tumor. The rarity of MASO of the cervix involves a management difficult. Most authors recommend total abdominal hysterectomy, usually accompanied by bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. There is no common agreement on staging by lymphadenectomy during primary surgery and adjuvant chemo-radio therapy.
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