Evaluation of a continuous glucose monitoring system in cats with diabetes mellitus

ArticleinJournal of Feline Medicine & Surgery 7(3):153-62 · June 2005with20 Reads
Impact Factor: 1.16 · DOI: 10.1016/j.jfms.2004.07.006 · Source: PubMed


    A continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) was evaluated in 14 cats with naturally occurring diabetes mellitus. The device measures interstitial fluid glucose continuously, by means of a sensor placed in the subcutaneous tissue. All cats tolerated the device well and a trace was obtained on 15/16 occasions. There was good correlation between the CGMS values and blood glucose concentration measured using a glucometer (r=0.932, P<0.01). Limitations to the use of the CGMS are its working glucose range of 2.2-22.2 mmol/l (40-400 mg/dl) and the need for calibration with a blood glucose measurement at least every 12 h. When compared to a traditional blood glucose curve, the CGMS is minimally invasive, reduces the number of venepunctures necessary to assess the kinetics of insulin therapy in a patient and provides a truly continuous glucose curve.