[In-patient treatment concept for acute crises of borderline patients on the basis of dialectical-behavioral therapy].

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    Whereas the Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT) by Marsha Linehan for chronic suicidal female patients with borderline personality disorder has also been successfully implemented for in-patient treatment, the management of recurrent crisis has continued to be a significant challenge especially for hospitals taking part in the mandatory health coverage. Therefore, we have established an acute, short-term crisis treatment concept for both genders on a locked unit which takes the different circumstances of acute crisis into account. It ought to be used under the conditions of acute psychiatry and at the same time meet psychotherapeutic demands of borderline treatment. The treatment basis is DBT. The treatment focus is to improve stress-tolerance, especially by skills-training, regarding the individual situation and problems at time of admittance. The in-patient treatment should not take more than three weeks. The short-time aim is a fast reintegration in ambulant treatment or motivation for a specific therapy as DBT, middle- and long-time aims are the improvement of the ability to cope with crises and to demand less in-patient care.