[The duration of disability pensions in Iceland]

ArticleinLaeknabladid 91(6):501-4 · July 2005with4 Reads
Source: PubMed
To analyze the long-term outcome for recipients of disability pension in Iceland. The study includes all those receiving disability pension for the first time in 1992 in Iceland. Their status in the disability register at the State Social Security Institute of Iceland November 30th 2004 was examined as to whether they were still receiving disability pension, had died, had reached the age of retirement or were not receiving disability pension any more for some other reasons. In 1992 there were 725 new recipients of disability pension in Iceland, 428 females and 297 males. Twelve years later 434 from this group were no longer receiving disability pension, 240 females and 194 males. In most cases this was because they had reached the age of retirement or died (on average 88% of the females and 91% of the males each year). Only 12% of the females and 9% of the males ceased to receive disability pension (and probably went back to work). In Iceland few people return to work once they have started receiving disability pension.