Charmed-Meson Decay Constants in Three-Flavor Lattice QCD

Department of Physics, Columbia University, New York, New York, United States
Physical Review Letters (Impact Factor: 7.51). 10/2005; 95(12):122002. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.95.122002
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We present the first lattice QCD calculation with realistic sea quark content of the ${D}^{+}$-meson decay constant ${f}_{{D}^{+}}$. We use the MILC Collaboration's publicly available ensembles of lattice gauge fields, which have a quark sea with two flavors (up and down) much lighter than a third (strange). We obtain ${f}_{{D}^{+}}=201\ifmmode\pm\else\textpm\fi{}3\ifmmode\pm\else\textpm\fi{}17\text{ }\text{ }\mathrm{MeV}$, where the errors are statistical and a combination of systematic errors. We also obtain ${f}_{{D}_{s}}=249\ifmmode\pm\else\textpm\fi{}3\ifmmode\pm\else\textpm\fi{}16\text{ }\text{ }\mathrm{MeV}$ for the ${D}_{s}$ meson.

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    • "We report on progress in the Fermilab Lattice and MILC Collaboration calculation of the D meson decay constants. This work is a continuation of the program that predicted the decay constants: f D + = 201(3)(17) and f D s = 249(3)(16) MeV [1], in good agreement with the CLEO-c value of f D + = 205.8 ± 8.5 ± 2.5 [2] [3]. "
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    ABSTRACT: We present the leptonic decay constants fDs and fD+ computed on the MILC collaboration's 2+1 flavor asqtad gauge ensembles. We use clover heavy quarks with the Fermilab interpretation and improved staggered light quarks. The simultaneous chiral and continuum extrapolation, which determines both decay constants, includes partially-quenched lattice results at lattice spacings a ~ 0:09, 0:12 and 0:15 fm. We have made several recent improvements in our analysis: a) we include terms in the fit describing leading order heavy-quark discretization effects, b) we have adopted a more precise input r1 value consistent with our other D and B meson studies, c) we have retuned the input bare charm masses based upon the new r1. Our preliminary results are fDs = 260 +/-10 MeV and fD+ = 217 +/-10 MeV. Comment: contribution to LATTICE 2009
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    • "In 2005, combined work by the Fermilab Lattice and MILC Collaborations [1] determined the value of the D s decay constant f D s to around 10% before it had been determined to that accuracy by experiment. When the subsequent experimental determination agreed to within one sigma, we claimed that as a successful prediction. "
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    ABSTRACT: We present an update of our calculations of the decay constants of the D, D_s, B, and B_s mesons in unquenched 2+1 flavor QCD. We use the MILC library of improved staggered gauge ensembles at lattice spacings 0.09, 0.12, and 0.15 fm, clover heavy quarks with the Fermilab normalizations, and improved staggered light valence quarks. Comment: 7 pages; based on talked presented by P. Mackenzie at the XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, July 14-19 2008, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
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    • "The same test can obviously be performed with D + → ℓ + ν, although the experiment is more difficult because this decay is Cabibbo-suppressed. Lattice QCD [22] "
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    ABSTRACT: We review the most recent results from experiments studying systems containing charmed quarks. The selection reflects the presenter's bias, and there is an emphasis on decays of open charm. We discuss precision measurements of various sorts, various new states in the charmonium system, measurements aimed at testing Lattice QCD, and the latest searches for charm mixing. We conclude with a discussion of upcoming experiments at existing and future facilities.
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