An unusual presentation of actinomycosis in a young woman, after surgery.

ArticleinBoletín de la Asociación Médica de Puerto Rico 97(3 Pt 2):209-13 · January 2005with4 Reads
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    Actinomycosis is an unusual, chronic granulomatous disease. Actinomyces israelli has been found to be related to infectious processes in those patients with affected skin integrity leading to abscess formation, fistulae or mass lesions. Actinomycosis mainly presents in three forms cervicofacial (50%), abdominal (20%) and thoracic (15%). Pelvic cases have been rarely reported and are usually associated with the use of intrauterine devices. We describe a case of a 23 y/o female without history of intrauterine device use, who was admitted with an ovarian cyst following an appendectomy. An ovarian abscess was drained. The pathology showed a granuloma and focal sulfur granules like particles compatible with Actinomyces. This is a case of pelvic Actinomyces, not related to the use of an intrauterine device.