Possible insensitivity of the polybrene antibody screen to detect anti-Jka

ArticleinAnnals of clinical and laboratory science 36(1):101-2 · February 2006with2 Reads
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    An acute hemolytic transfusion reaction (AHTR) occurred in a 28-yr-old gravida immediately after transfusion with leukocyte-reduced red cells. The patient gave no history of prior transfusion. Initial serologic testing by the polybrene method was negative for both antibody screening and cross-matching. Further testing by the indirect anti-globulin test (IAT) demonstrated the presence of anti-Jka antibodies. These observations suggest a limitation in polybrene testing for Jka antibodies associated with hemolytic transfusions. Caution is advised when the polybrene test is used as the sole determinant for anti-Jka.