Hale, M.B. & Nolan, G.P. Phospho-specific flow cytometry: intersection of immunology and biochemistry at the single-cell level. Curr. Opin. Mol. Ther. 8, 215-224

ArticleinCurrent opinion in molecular therapeutics 8(3):215-24 · July 2006with14 Reads
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    Striving to achieve greater clinical relevance, researchers in basic science and in drug discovery are transitioning from biochemical investigations using cell lines to technologies that garner mechanistic information from primary patient material. Such studies can be broad in scope, despite limited sample material and cell-type heterogeneity. The development of flow cytometry for following intracellular signaling has met some of these demands and opened new avenues for mechanistic exploration. This review covers some of the most recent research to leverage this new technology and follows two new developments: increasing interest in JAK/STAT signaling, and experimental strategies that reveal disease-induced modulation of signaling networks.