Comparison of the effect of nitroglycerine and Pentaerithritol compositum on exercise time restricted by anginal pain or objective parameters of ischaemia in patients with stable angina

ArticleinPolskie archiwum medycyny wewnȩtrznej 114(2):755-60 · September 2005with1 Read
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    Short acting nitrates are commonly used to prevent the anginal pain. The purpose of the study was to compare antianginal efficacy of Pentaerythritol compositum (20 mg of pentaerythritol tetranitrate and 0.5 mg of nitroglicerine) and 0,5 mg of nitroglycerine. Twenty patients aged 45-75 years with stable angina were enrolled. Antianginal effectiveness was evaluated during treadmill test. Time to ischemic pain and/or electrocardiographic parameters of ischemia were measured. It was found that Pentaerythritol compositum was superior to nitroglycerine in preventing angina with the difference disappearing 60 minutes after drug administration. Both drugs were well tolerated. Achieved results show that Pentaerythritol compositum can be effective as antianginal drug in patients with stable angina.