[Procedure for determination of individual sensitivity to antitumor drugs].

ArticleinKlinicheskaia laboratornaia diagnostika · June 2006with3 Reads
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    The present paper proposes to employ the cultured tumor cells of the breast and chick fibroblasts after long-term cultivation (for above 24 days) to determine their individual drug sensitivity and, as a criterion of cell damage, to use the percent of destruction of the cell layer formed in the wells 24 hours after drug insertion. It also presents the comparative results of tests of 2 cellular models that have been used to determine the in vitro sensitivity of the cells of breast cancer and chick fibroblasts to melfalan and its complex compound with copper acetylacetonate - MOK*M. At the same time, the cytotoxic activity of MOK*M and melfalan against tumor cells has been not shown to differ greatly (16.02+/-1.85 and 15.71+/-0.65% cell layer destruction, respectively), but the same activity of MOK*M against the model of intact cells (chick fibroblasts) was much less (15.23+/-1.97%) than that of melfalan (95.39+/-1.11%). The test system proposed by the authors is of certain informative value and it may be used for the determination of the individual sensitivity of tumor cells to antitumor drugs.