Imaging Findings of Migraine

Division of Headache, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905, USA.
Headache The Journal of Head and Face Pain (Impact Factor: 2.71). 07/2006; 46(7):1095-107. DOI: 10.1111/j.1526-4610.2006.00503.x
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Increasingly sophisticated neuroimaging techniques have allowed researchers to begin to define functional and anatomical characteristics of migraine. This paper reviews current knowledge and techniques employed. Assessing present-day knowledge limitations it concludes that with parallel advances in the technology of imaging and the pathophysiologic understanding of migraine, a reliable biomarker may be discovered in the future. © 2006 by American Headache Society. Published by Blackwell Publishing.

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    • "These symptoms are typically described in the context of migraine with aura, but they may also occur with migraine that does not meet diagnostic criteria for migraine with aura. Functional imaging studies confirm that migraine is associated with dramatic changes in blood flow and metabolic activity in the cortex (Cutrer and Black, 2006). These imaging phenomena have been demonstrated primarily in patients with migraine with aura, but may also occur in patients with migraine without aura (Woods et al., 1994; Geraud et al., 2005). "
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    ABSTRACT: The understanding of migraine has moved well beyond its traditional characterization as a "vascular headache." In considering the basic neurobiology of migraine, it is important to begin with the concept of migraine as not merely a headache, but rather a heterogeneous array of episodic symptoms. Among the array of phenomena experienced by migraine patients are visual disturbances, nausea, cognitive dysfunction, fatigue, and sensitivity to light, sound, smell, and touch. These symptoms may occur independently or in any combination, and in some patients occur even in the absence of headache. The diversity and variability of symptoms experienced by migraine patients belies a complex neurobiology, involving multiple cellular, neurochemical, and neurophysiological processes occurring at multiple neuroanatomical sites. Migraine is a multifaceted neurobiological phenomenon that involves activation of diverse neurochemical and cellular signaling pathways in multiple regions of the brain. Propagated waves of cellular activity in the cortex, possibly involving distinct glial and vascular signaling mechanisms, can occur along with activation of brainstem centers and nociceptive pathways. Whether different brain regions become involved in a linear sequence, or as parallel processes, is uncertain. The modulation of brain signaling by genetic factors, and by sex and sex hormones, provides important clues regarding the fundamental mechanisms by which migraine is initiated and sustained. Each of these mechanisms may represent distinct therapeutic targets for this complex and commonly disabling disorder.
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    ABSTRACT: Migraine and depression are common conditions that often coexist. The combination of several mechanisms may explain this comorbidity. A number of studies showed consistent association between depression and primary headache disorders including migraine; however, migraine with aura showed the strongest association with depression. This review highlights the background of migraine and depression, and summarizes studies that have investigated the risk for depression in migraine sufferers.
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    ABSTRACT: An equivalent circuit representation, which has been successfully used in SAW transversely coupled resonator filter (TCF), is extended to longitudinally coupled resonator filters (CRF). In TCF case usually two fundamental modes are accurate enough to represent the passband but more modes (most of them are `quasimodes' located outside of the stopband of the structure) are needed for CRF. A mode identification method is introduced in terms of equivalent motional parameters, R, L, and C and then applied to two experimental examples, a narrow bandfilter on quartz and a 3% bandwidth filter on 36° YX-LiTaO<sub>3</sub>. The results confirm that it could be a useful tool for system designer as it is compatible property with commercial electronic circuit CAD software. The profiles of the main resonant modes detected by a laser probe are presented in this paper
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