Preparation of uniform biodegradable microparticles using laser ablation

Vaxdesign Inc., Orlando, FL 32826, USA.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Impact Factor: 3.65). 12/2006; 325(1-2):194-6. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2006.06.031
Source: PubMed


In an attempt to prepare uniformly sized biodegradable microparticles for controllable drug eluting and targeting characteristics, a novel technique by employing ultrashort pulse (USP) laser has been developed. This method involves pumping a drug-polymer solution through a small orifice creating a liquid stream. A USP laser constantly fires at the stream to cut it into discrete droplets and consequently solid particles can be obtained with monodisperse size distribution. Through mathematical modeling, volumetric flow rate, orifice size, laser spot size, and laser frequency were found as sole factors determining the size profile of the resulting microparticles. By choosing appropriate set of variables, monosized biodegradable microparticles with wide range of particle size may be prepared.

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