Similar or disparate brain patterns? The intra-personal EEG variability of three women with multiple personality disorder

ArticleinClinical EEG and neuroscience: official journal of the EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society (ENCS) 37(3):235-42 · August 2006with21 Reads
Impact Factor: 2.22 · DOI: 10.1177/155005940603700314 · Source: PubMed


    Quantitative EEG was used to assess the intra-personal variability of brain electrical activity for 3 women diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Two separate control groups (within-subject and between-subject) were used to test the hypothesis that the intra-personal EEG variability between 2 alters would be less than the interpersonal EEG variability between 2 controls, and similar to the intra-personal EEG variability of a single personality. This hypothesis was partially supported. In general, the 2 EEG records of a MPD subject (alter 1 vs. alter 2) were more different from one another than the 2 EEG records of a single control, but less different from one another than the EEG records of 2 separate controls. Most of the EEG variability between alters involved beta activity in the frontal and temporal lobes.