Observation of B(s)0-->K+ K- and measurements of branching fractions of charmless two-body decays of B0 and B(s)0 mesons in pp collisions at square root of s = 1.96 TeV.

ArticleinPhysical Review Letters 97(21):211802 · November 2006with15 Reads
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    We search for decays of the type B(s)0-->h+ h'- (where h,h' = K or pi) in 180 pb(-1) of pp collisions collected at the Tevatron by the upgraded Collider Detector at Fermilab. We report the first observation of the new mode B(s)0-->K+ K- with a yield of 236+/-32 events, corresponding to (fs/fd) x B(B(s)0-->K+ K-)/B(B0-->K+ pi-) = 0.46+/-0.08stat+/-0.07syst, where fs/fd is the ratio of production fractions of B(s)0 and B0. We find results in agreement with world averages for the B0 modes, and set the following new limits at 90% C.L.: B(B(s)0-->K- pi+) < 5.6 x 10(-6) and B(B(s)0-->pi+ pi-) < 1.7 x 10(-6).