Organogenesis of Pancreatic Anlagen Allografted in Rats

Institute of Organ Transplantation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wu-han-shih, Hubei, China
Transplantation Proceedings (Impact Factor: 0.98). 01/2007; 38(10):3280-2. DOI: 10.1016/j.transproceed.2006.10.120
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To study the possibility of revascularization, growth, and differentiation of embryonic pancreatic anlagen transplanted to adult hosts. While transplantations of pancreas and islets are the main methods to cure diabetes mellitus, the donor source is in shortage. So it's necessary to find a new source for transplantation.
The pancreas from embryonic day 14.5 (E14.5) and 15.5 (E15.5) Lewis rat embryos were implanted into either intraperitoneal or subrenal capsular site of healthy Lewis rats. at 3 weeks or 6 weeks after implantation, the pancreatic anlagen in the host rats were resected for size measurements, as well as histopathologic and immunohistochemical examinations.
Three weeks after implantation into the renal-capsular site, the size of both E14.5 and E15.5 pancreatic anlagen had enlarged 10- to 15-fold with differentiation of acinar components upon histological examination. Moreover, increasing numbers of beta cells and islets stained positive for insulin, and newly generated vessels were observed around the tissues. Continued proliferation of the endocrine islets in E14.5 pancreatic anlagen grafts was observed after another 3 weeks, whereas further proliferation in the E15.5 pancreatic anlagen graft was not seen. Additionally fibrosis appeared in the exocrine component of both E14.5 and E15.5 pancreatic anlagen at this time point. When implanted into intraperitoneal site, enlarged E15.5 pancreatic anlagen with proliferatels beta cells were also observed after 3 weeks. However, both the size of the pancreatic anlagen and the proliferation of the beta cells were much less than that in the subrenal capsular site.
The allografted E14.5 and E15.5 pancreatic anlagen revascularised and grew into tissues that were structurally similar to normal mature rats pancreatic tissue. Adequate embryonic age for the transplantation of pancreatic anlagen is 14.5 and 15.5 days old. Subrenal capsula is a more suitable site than the peritoneal cavity for implantation of pancreatic anlagen.

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