A Route to the Brightest Possible Neutron Source?

ArticleinScience 315(5815):1092-5 · March 2007with4 Reads
Impact Factor: 33.61 · DOI: 10.1126/science.1127185 · Source: PubMed


    We review the potential to develop sources for neutron scattering science and propose that a merger with the rapidly developing
    field of inertial fusion energy could provide a major step-change in performance. In stark contrast to developments in synchrotron
    and laser science, the past 40 years have seen only a factor of 10 increase in neutron source brightness. With the advent
    of thermonuclear ignition in the laboratory, coupled to innovative approaches in how this may be achieved, we calculate that
    a neutron source three orders of magnitude more powerful than any existing facility can be envisaged on a 20- to 30-year time
    scale. Such a leap in source power would transform neutron scattering science.